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Gordo the Gruesome is one of the many champions at the Dome of Doom in Samurai Jack. He was a thirteen time champion at the Dome of Doom. He is from a simian-like race and he yells insults at his opponents.


Gordo is a 13-time champion at the Dome of Doom. He has many aliases such as The Master Mechanic, The Alpha And Omega, The Courier of Carnage and The Dealer of Destruction. He is a very strong champion who loves yelling insults at even newcomers. He encountered Jack (Two-Sandals the Treacherous). He made a trash-talking speech toward Jack until Jack warned him to use actions. They started fighting without Jack's sword. Jack stole nunchucks from the gallery of weapons and used a staff to attack the armored ape. Jack later both killed and knocked down Gordo.


  • "Prepare to suffer, Two-Sandals the Treacherous! I will beat you like a drum! I will hang you up like laundry!"
  • "I am the Master Mechanic! The Alpha and Omega! I will be putting a hurting on you, slave! I'm going to tear you up into little shreds, and then, I'm going to take those little shreds and tear them up into little shreds! I will make your mother cry! I will make your Aunt Edna from Withershoot Province, south of Barnaby, cry! Are you ready for pain, TWO-SANDALS!?!"


  • Voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson who also voices The Guardian and Demongo.
  • Similar to Mojo Jojo, Thade and Attar from The Powerpuff girls and Planet of the Apes.

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