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is the main antagonist of Tecmo's Star Force series.

In the year 2010, Gordess had been travelling through space and threatening the universe. However, one soldier named Ralph had piloted the "Final Star" and eventually attacked and defeated Gordess.

During the events of Super Star Force, it turns out that Gordess was still alive in many different time periods. Once again, Ralph went out to defeat Gordess. He had travelled through different eras of time, seeking out the seven time stones and eventually, the Cleopatra Mask, in order to reach the final dungeon in the year 2137. Depending on the player's choice, if he arrives in the year 2137 without the Cleopatra Mask, the player will be forced to do battle against a massive armed fortress. Destroying the fortress will end up reviving Gordess, leading to the bad ending. If the player arrives in 2137 with the Cleopatra Mask, the entrance to the final dungeon will be made available, and completing the dungeon results in placing the seven time stones near the seal, finally defeating Gordess.

Despite Gordess's defeat, he was revived by the Borign in Final Star Force and began ravaging the Earth. Eventually, the Blue-Nova and Red-Nova fought the Borign and Gordess, destroying Gordess for good.

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