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Gorast is one of the villains in the BIONICLE series. She also serves as the tertiary antagonist in the 2008 storyline alongside the two Makuta, Icarax and Antroz.

Gorast was the only member of the Brotherhood of Makuta who was completely loyal to her leader, Teridax as she went along with all his evil plans with no problems since she was the first to side with him during his attempt to take over the organization.

In the 2015 storyline, Gorast was revived as one of the Shadow Revenants by Teridax and she and the other Shadow Revenants aided him and their allies, Kulta and his Skull Army on finding the Mask of Creation before becoming the leader alongside Pridak of the revived Brotherhood of Makuta following Teridax's banishment.

However in 2016 storyline, she was killed by Umarak 



Prior to the main event of the main story, Gorast and the other Makuta were created by the Great Beings. Later, she eventually became a member of the Brotherhood of Makuta, whose task was to manage the Matoran universe population by creating various Rahi.

80,000 years later; when the Brotherhood of Makuta learned that the Barraki and their army were attempting to overthrow the Great Spirit Mata Nui, they immediately rallied their army 


During the final confrontation between the Toa Uniters, Ekimu, the Elemental Creatures and Umarak who have became the Destroyer, Pridak and Gorast arrived into the chamber as Gorast was the first to saw the Mask of Control


Gorast is a violent and fierce Makuta. She was also fanatically loyal to her master, Makuta Teridax since she was the first to sided with him during his takeover and when Teridax ushered the Plan, she was very confident that his plan will succeed. She went so far as to idolize Teridax for his cunning and ruthless roles. She even said to have fall in love on him, though Teridax did not accept her love in return as he eventually betrayed her, which shocked her.

When she was transformed into a Shadow Revenant, she was brainwashed by Teridax as she was completely devoid of all emotions.

Powers & Abilities


  • Gorast was the first and only female canister set that did not have blue as her primary color.
  • On some of the 2008 Bionicle online games, Gorast was mistaken as a male, though Gorast is officially female by the LEGO Group.
  • Gorast was once nearly trampled by a Tahtorak.
  • Gorast also have the similar characteristics with Ellen Mira Mathers from Date a Live :
    • Both are the right-hand servants of the main antagonists (Isaac Ray Peram Westcott and Makuta Teridax) as both have no problems of serving them well.
    • Both were known for their violent and sadistic personalities as they were known to slaughtered their enemies in a brutal and cold-blooded way.
    • Both are female members of their respective organizations (Brotherhood of Makuta and Deux.Ex.Machina Industries).
  • So far that there were a few female villains in the BIONICLE series. The first being was Roodaka and the second one was Gorast herself.
    • Although Roodaka was considered as most ruthless and cruel, Gorast was most striking in the story, as she showed what Teridax is able to make his sovereignty, leaving the servants to follow him loyally.
    • Whereas Roodaka left Sidorak to be killed by Keetongu, Gorast herself murdered Krika by shooting him with her Nynrah Ghost Blaster.
    • In the end of the story, Roodaka lives while Gorast dies.
  • Gorast also shared the same characteristics of Mylene Pharaoh from Bakugan: New Vestroia.
    • Both are the only female members of their respective organizations.
    • Both are completely loyal to their leaders.
    • Both have the strained relationship with some of the male members (Krika and Shadow Prove respectively).
  • Gorast was also enlisted among the top 10 most evil villains of the BIONICLE series. 


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