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Goran the Mutilator was an evil war criminal from American Dad!, wanted by the CIA who poses as the activities director at a posh resort in "Killer Vacation".


When Stan and Francine pose for a picture to send to the office at the resort, Avery Bullock recognizes Goran posing as the activities director and orders Stan to take him out, leaving Stan to try to do so without Francine catching on after she refuses to let Stan's work interfere with their vacation. Stan's attempts fail and Francine intercepts one of Bullock's calls. But when she confronts Stan, she surprises him by demanding they participate together so they can get back to their vacation. As they try to get the assassination over with, Stan runs into a suicidal ring-tailed lemur and Francine decides to act on her own, attempting to beat Goran to death with a tennis racquet. Stan drops his gun during his struggles with the lemur and Goran picks it up but the lemur gets in the way as he attempts to shoot Francine and she and Stan make a run for it. The flee to a hot air balloon but Gornad follows and shoots Francine. Stan and Goran wrestle but Francine turns out to have been protected by a piece of bling she made in crafts and Stan gets Goran at gunpoint, only to have him harpooned by an annoying groundskeeper from the resort.

Goran is voiced by Peter Serafinowicz, who also voiced Darth Maul and the Fisher King.


  • He's a Slobodan Milosevic's parody.


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