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Gooper blooper

Gooper Blooper in Super Mario Sunshine.

Gooper Blooper is a large Blooper first met in Ricco Harbor in Super Mario Sunshine. Gooper Blooper is the second boss fought in the game.


Super Mario Sunshine

Gooper Blooper is encountered when Mario pulls off his tentacle in the crate. Gooper Blooper starts the battle using his tentacles attacking Mario. The weakness is to pull his snout. Gooper Blooper will get angry for squirting water at him or pulling his snout. Gooper Blooper also spins to wipe Mario out of his arena. It will be difficult to beat him without pulling his tentacles, so Mario must pull his tentacles to defeat him. Gooper Blooper will later spray ink after pulling his cork at Mario, so it means he must avoid this attack. Gooper Blooper will spray more ink causing damage at him, so Mario must pull his snout and finish the battle.

Gooper Blooper later appears in Noki Bay and the fourth episode of Ricco Harbor.

Super Princess Peach

Gooper Blooper later appears as the fifth boss of Super Princess Peach. Princess Peach must avoid the ink shot from its snout and then attack its tentacles. First, she must avoid it or this will launch her in the air. The weakness is his snout. Gooper Blooper will calm down after death. Princess Peach must pop his bubble and then its snout.

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