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The Goomboss aka the Goomba King.

Bwa ha ha! I'm no ordinary Goomba... I am Goomboss, the great Goomba, the grand poo-bah Goomba.
~ The Goomba King

The Goomba King, also called the Goomboss, is the mighty king of the Goomba race. He despises Mario bacause of his blue (he hates this color) boiler suit and is an ally of Bowser.


Paper Mario

Sometime before Paper Mario, he was made king of the Goombas by Bowser with the Star Rod, because he begged him. He lived in a castle on Goomba Road with his two minions, the Red and Blue Goomba.

After Mario and Goombario defeated the Red and Blue Goombas, they come to the Goomba King's castle and all three of them challenge Mario.

The Goomba King only has 10 hp. After he is defeated he runs back in his castle and Mario has to push a button that makes his castle unfold and lauches him in the air to a mountain in the background.

In the ending credits to Paper Mario, he is seen stuck upside down in a tree.

Super Mario 64 DS

He appears again as a boss in Super Mario 64 DS where Yoshi must defeat him to free Mario.

Mario Kart DS

The Goomba King appears in Mario Kart DS as a rival in the missions section. Toad must reach to the lap before the Goomba King does. In addition Toad must prevent all his balloons getting popped during the race.


  • Goomba King is last seen (outside of the credits) flying into the distance from a great height, and it is unclear whether he survived. This also happens with Queen Chrysalis in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, although she does return in the comics.


Paper Mario- Boss Battle- Goomboss03:49

Paper Mario- Boss Battle- Goomboss

Super Mario 64 DS - Episode 4 - Stompin' Goomboss!14:50

Super Mario 64 DS - Episode 4 - Stompin' Goomboss!

Mario Kart DS- Goomboss01:06

Mario Kart DS- Goomboss

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