Googler, with his puppets Zip and Snip.

Google-ness gracious me! It's the Googler, yesiree!
~ Googler's first line, after being brought into the Kent Bros. Carnival.

Googler is a villain from the BBC TV series and video game Ace Lightning. He is a villain from the Second Dimension of the video game Ace Lightning and the Carnival of Doom, debuting in episode 7 of season 1.

He is voiced by Richard Binsley.


Googler is portrayed as being a maniac, and also inventing his own dictionary. For example, if he says "Googlerise", it'd relate to kill or wound; this might parody the Riddler from the 1960's TV edition of Batman; another skit on the Riddler could be Googler's name or his saying "Google me this, Ace. When does a hero become a zero?", when he first attacks Ace Lightning and drains him of his power to fly. He has a twisted sense of humour and enjoys seeing others in pain.


Googler can transform into a spikey ball to attack enemies, as revealed in his debut, when he ran over Dirty Rat in this form. He also transforms into a puppet theatre (along with Zip and Snip) outside the Haunted House in the Kent Bros. Carnival, when his powers are depleted. In season 2, he gains a power to make the enemies he's attacked bleed binary until they fade out.


Before season 1 began, it's revealed that Googler ran a nightmarish circus in the Second Dimension, until Ace Lightning sent him into somewhere called "White Hot Oblivion". When Lord Fear freed him from this dimension, he proved very successful in attacking Ace, using Anvil as bait to lure him out, then releasing Zip and Snip on him, leaving Ace without his powers. Googler is also notable for turning Ace into a zombie in one episode, and later sending Sparx back into the Sixth Dimension; when she returned, she then started a rivalry with him.

In season 2, Googler stalks Ace, Sparx and Chuck Mugel (Mark's best friend in Conestoga Hills and another sidekick to Ace, with Mark being the first), until they escape back to our world, and Googler was brought back by Lord Fear.