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"Well okie dokie Mick, I'll see ya later!" ~ Goofy (his catch-phrase)


Goofy is a recurring character from the YouTube series, Prostitute Mickey - which is an adult comedy based on Disney and re-envisioning the cast as deeply flawed anti-heroes in a gritty, dystopian setting.

Goofy is imagined as a drug addict and violent criminal who while being friends with Mickey is also a highly dangerous indvidual who robs and kills others on a whim - switching from a friendly personality to a violent one without warning.

Villainous Acts

  • with aid from Donald he forced Mickey to steal Daffy's dead body in order to try and con the bank, getting all of Daffy's money - amazingly the plan worked but instead of sharing the money with Mickey he and Donald robbed him at gunpoint.
  • he regularly pestered Mickey for drugs, then offered to sell him a car radio (which he obviously stole)
  • while he was masturbating, he want Mickey to talk dirty to him and making mickey to buy a Hannah Montana CD.
  • he asked Mickey if he was up to smoking crystal meth and robbing a store on Christmas morning (Mickey declined)
  • the very same Christmas morning he robbed and killed Ebenezer for his wallet.
  • for the film festival, when Mickey told him to get a tape to show a film, he smoked it.


  • He is always seen with a smile on his face, even in serious moments.