Golvellius is the main villain and final boss from Golvellius: Valley of Doom / Shin Maoh Golvellius.

Golvellius is a demon who has been sending his minions to attack the people of the Kingdom of Aleid, impeding them from reaching the valley below which is where they get their water. Deeply concerned, the King falls ill, and his daughter, the princess Rena, decides to go by herself into the valley to search for a herb to cure her father, only to end kidnapped by Golvellius, who takes her to his hideout. Kelesis, a wandering hero, hears about the situation and decides to venture into the valley bellow to rescue Rena and defeat Golvellius.

Kelesis explores the valley and defeats all of Golvellius minions, retrieving seven magical crystals from them. He then ventures into Golvellius hideout and faces the demon, defeating him and rescuing Rena. Suddenly, all crystals start to shine and fly into Golvellius body, resurrecting him, but instead of attacking Kelesis Golvellius greets him and tells his story. He was actually a kind and honorable demon, who had been turned evil by a powerful spell, which was broken when Kelesis reunited the crystals. With Aleid saved, Rena decides to follow Kelesis on his journey, and as they leave the castle Golvellius joins their adventures as well.