The Golums were a gang of criminals living in Gotham City and their boss was the Golum Gang Leader.

They resided in an abandoned building called Turkish Baths. The Golums were drinking and laughing when their lair was broken into by Bane and Poison Ivy when they discovered it. The Golums took out their weapons which were neon chains and started spinning them while the Golum leader confronted Ivy and said she looked tasty.

Ivy told them to come at her and activated Bane's pump while the Golum Leader clapped his hands and the Golums started their attack by spinning their chains and wrapping Bane's arms with them causing him to growl while Ivy giggled. Bane then stomped his foot on a wooden plank which all the Golums and leader were standing on and all of them flew across the room and landed on the exit steps. Bane turned his head growling but the leader and Golums abandoned the fight and fortress and ran away. Poison Ivy then redecorated turning Turkish Baths into her garden lair.

Known Members

  • Golum Gang Leader


  • The Golums' look is similar to the Neon Gang as seen in Batman Forever
  • Golum may be a play on either, or both, "Gollum" of the J.R.R. Tolkien series, and "Golem", a giant clay monster of Jewish folklore.