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The Goliath Industries is an evil organization which is also the chief antagonistic force in the Spirit Flyer Series, by John Bibee. Their goal is to spread evil throughout the town of Centerville, and to also turn as many people away from the Kingson and his heavenly kingdom. The Goliath Industries is most often associated with snakes, and they had also managed to enlist many of the adults in the town to their cause.

In the first book of the series, The Magic Bicycle, John discovers a supernatural bicycle, and one of the major conflicts of the novel involves the Goliath organization trying to convince John into giving them the bike. Later on, several other children were given magical bicycles, and they soon found themselves in conflict with the evil organization. This organization also specializes in brainwashing, which is evident in the book The Runaway Parents, in which a young boy's parents are kidnapped by Goliath Industries, and are then brainwashed into serving them. At the end of the novel, however, the young boy's parents are freed from the organization's influence, and they returned home with their child.

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