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The Golgothan
Not born. $hit into existence.
~ The Golgothan
No man or woman born.
~ The Golgothan

The Golgothan (also known as the "Excremental", the "Shit Demon" and the "Poop Demon") is a foul and malicious, high-class demon that is the most feared and elite assassin in all of Hell whose body is entirely composed of excrement from all who were crucified at the "Skull Place" (Golgotha) when they died, and he is a villain in the 1999 dark comedy movie Dogma.





  • He was voiced by Ethan Suplee who also portrayed Randy Hickey from the hit TV sitcom show My Name Is Earl.
  • The demon's alias "Excremental" is a play on the word "elemental".

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