A gift for the Gurg of the giants...
~ Rubeus Hagrid
~ Golgomath

Golgomath is an antagonist in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, he is a very aggressive, treacherous giant who usurped the Gurg position and killed Karkas, the previous Gurg. Golgomath was one of Karkas' giants and one night the Death Eaters, led by Macnair, came and asked him to kill Karkas and become Gurg. Hungry for power, Golgomath did so, ripping off Karkas' head and rolling it into the mountain lake. Golgomath then sat there, wearing Karkas' helmet and smirking. Hagrid came up to try and reason with him, giving him gifts but then Golgomath hoisted Hagrid into the air by his boots. It took Olympe Maxime to shoot lasers with her wand at Golgomath, making him drop Hagrid, angering the giant, because giants hate magic being used at them. So, Golgomath went mad, and killed all of Karkas' surviving followers. He turned all the other giants against Dumbledore and joined Voldemort in the Second War, and may have been killed in it.