The Golem is a recurring monster in the Dragon Quest series. It is a material monster that came to life thanks to a magical spell to act as a guardian of several important things or places. They are characterized by its formidable stamina and defence.

This monster made its debut in Dragon Quest I where he was guarding the gates of Cantlin of any trespassers, the Hero can play the Faerie Flute to put it to sleep and have a chance against it at low levels. Other varieties of Golem exist, like the Stone Golem and the Gold Golem, which gives out a lot of money. These animated automatons act as an enemy in some games and as bosses in others, such as Dragon Quest VII where he guards The Tower, west of Ballymolloy. The moment he notices Hanlon in the party, he attacks them which proves they are also able to remember and possibly hold grudges.

Golems have also had various roles as supporting characters. In Dragon Quest VIII they can be called for battle, they are also recurring obtainable monsters in the Dragon Quest Monsters spin-offs.