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Goldtooth (Dirty Laundry)

Goldtooth is the main antagonist of the Punisher short film, Dirty Laundry. He is a gang leader in a run down neighborhood where Frank Castle finds himself while doing his laundry.

He is played by Sammi Rotibi.

Punisher: Dirty Laundry

Not much is known about his past, though it is implied by an owner of a liquor store named Big Mike that two years prior to the film, he witnessed him and his gang harass a little girl for refusing to sell drugs for them, and she was later killed for doing so. Big Mike was put in a wheelchair for interfering.

During the film, as Frank Castle is on his way to the coin-op laundromat, he witnesses Goldtooth and his gang confront three prostitutes, one of which apparently has a history with Goldtooth and takes all three of them to an alley to violently rape them. However, Frank ignores their screams. When a boy named DeShawn crosses the neighborhood, Goldtooth and his gang grab the child and try to force him to sell drugs for them. However, he refuses, and is violently beaten for doing so. As Goldtooth confronts Frank, who's waiting outside the laundromat, Goldtooth threatens him with a gun to get him to leave the scene.

As Frank walks into a liquor store to buy a Yoo-hoo, Big Mike tells him about his history with the gang, which encourages him to buy a bottle of Jack Daniel's and uses it to brutally kill the gang as they beat on DeShawn. Only after he breaks Goldtooth's right arm and legs, he asks him if he knows the difference between justice and punishment as he pours the whiskey on him. He then pulls out his lighter, but only leaves it on the pavement in front of him. After he returns to the laundromat, the prostitute who Goldtooth had beaten and raped earlier in the film takes the lighter and sets Goldtooth on fire herself, but not before he begs for his life.




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