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Goldilocks (7Ds)

Goldilocks was the main villain in The 7D episode "Goldilocks and the 7D". She was a spoiled girl that often breaks and trespasses into other people's properties. She was voiced by Nancy Cartwright.

When news was heard that three bears were roaming around the forest and breaking into cottages, it was up to the 7D to look into it. Goldilocks was seen in the dwarfs' cottage and mentioned that she was being chased around by bears. After being offered to stay, Goldilocks began to take control of the house. She often used her eyes to convince Doc into giving her another chance, much to the others' dismay. Eventually, everyone found out that the bears were actually innocent. At the end of the episode, Golilocks was seen trying to take over the house of the three little pigs.

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