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Goldilocks is the principal character of the fairy tale Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Her hair is her namesake: blonde hair in locks (though in the Happily Ever After: Fairy Tales for Every Child episode, in which she is depicted as a Jamaican, her hair is in dreadlocks). She is a spoiled brat who has no respect for other people (or animals for that matter). It is also unknown exactly how old she is, though many say around 8 or 9. However, she may be even older, or younger.

Upper: Goldilocks portrayed as a teenager.

Lower - Younger goldilocks (8 or 9) 

Goldilocks trespasses into the 3 bears' house while they are gone, waiting for their porridge to cool. She compares the temperature of their porridge, and when Baby Bear's porridge turns out to be just right, she finishes it all up. Next, she compares the texture of their chairs, and when Baby Bear's chair turns out to be just right, she sits on it until it breaks. And finally, feeling sleepy, Goldilocks tests their beds, whether it is the textures or the height of the heads, and when Baby Bear's turns out to be just right, she falls asleep, even as the bears come home, and Baby Bear reveals where she is. She leaves the bed and, learning to be respectful of others, she never goes back to their house again.

  • According to the Happily Ever After: Fairy Tales for Every Child adaption, not only does this follow the fairy tale, Goldilocks (voiced by a young Raven-Symone in this version) also makes trouble and lies to keep out of detention (getting the other kids in trouble) before she goes to the bears' house. As soon as she leaves, having learned respect for others from Papa Bear (despite trying to lie about it), she confesses her lies to the teacher, and she gets detention; however, next recess, the other kids play with her again.


It is likely for anyone to question Goldilocks' inclusion as a villain, but here's why she counts:

She broke into the bears' house and messed up with everything they had, such as by messing with everyone's porridge, chairs, and having been in their beds, and finishing off with Baby Bear's respective things (because of how she contrasted Papa Bear and Mama Bear's things by Papa Bear's things having too much of one description and Mama Bear's things having too much of the opposite, and it turned out Baby Bear's was just right). If she were to be tried by modern law, she'd be considered a juvenile delinquent, and the bears would be considered victims.

Goldilocks' Crimes: Breaking and entering, trespassing, Eating someone else's food, breaking other people's things, messing up other people's houses.

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