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Only a matter of time before I defeat you! Why delay the inevitable?
~ The Golden Queen to the Skylanders while battling them
The Golden Queen is the leader of the Doom Raiders, and the main antagonist and trappable villain in Skylanders: Trap Team until her capture, at which Kaos takes over again. An Earth element trap is required to trap her. After redeeming herself by joining the Skylanders prior to Skylanders: Imaginators, she is now a Sensei of the Sorcerer Class.


The Golden Queen is a cruel and cold-hearted ruler, caring of nothing besides herself, she deeply loves gold and puts it before anything even friendship.

When it came to her fellow Doom Raiders she saw them as nothing more than a means to an end rather than her actual friends, she shows virtually no concern when they are captured by the Skylanders as long as they fulfilled their usefulness towards her.

She was shown to be ruthless, willing to use the Tower of Time and all of it's inhabitants just as an example if the Skylands disobeyed her rules.

The Golden Queen did not accept failure, even the slightest inconvenience to her plans would set her off edge and cause her to glow. While fighting the Skylanders at her lair, she was overconfident and underestimated her enemy which probably led to her downfall.

After redeeming herself by joining the Skylanders, she lost much of her obsession with gold and considers herself mostly reformed.


A wicked queen made entirely of gold and rich beyond her wildest imagination, the aptly named Golden Queen would gladly trade her entire fortune for just a little more. But why trade when you can steal? And that’s what she did. She stole, and stole, and stole! But no matter how much she took, it was never enough. Through evil sorcery, she even learned how to turn people and objects into solid gold. However, that STILL wasn’t enough. The idea that any amount of treasure in Skylands did not belong to her was infuriating, so she embarked on a quest to take every last cent of it. But she couldn’t do it alone. It was then that she formed the Doom Raiders – the most notorious group of villains ever assembled. As the leader, the Golden Queen promised riches, world domination, and even all-you-can-eat shrimp in order to recruit special criminals to serve her cause. Together, the Doom Raiders terrorized Skylands until Master Eon and the Trap Masters put a stop to them, locking up all of them inside Cloudcracker Prison!


Golden Queen's skin is gold colored and wears golden clothes. This probably means that she is made entirely out of gold. In her evolved form, her clothes turns into Silver. She wears and crown and holds a staff in her hand.

Powers and Abilities

Golden Queen has the ability to create flying devices that can shoot several small buzz saws at her enemies.


STOP! Don't thank us grateful for what you've done, Kaos. You and the troll may stay. If only to bare witness to my plan to bring Skylands to its knees! And believe me, this one's solid gold!
~ Golden Queen's introduction
Tell me. What happened to the Chompy Mage?
~ Golden Queen, after learning about Chompy Mage's defeat
No matter. He already served his purpose by locating all the traptanium we need to build my ultimate weapon of infinite power. Power revenge is almost at hand.
~ Golden Queen, revealing the Chompy Mage's purpose
Dr. Krancase. How is work going on my ultimate weapon?
~ Golden Queen, questioning Dr. Krankcase
And then, I will have all the gold in the world!
~ Golden Queen revealing her true plan
That is rich. Please, tell us. What exactly is an evil off?
~ Golden Queen, mocking Kaos
I want to thank you, Kaos! That was most fun I had in a long, long time.
~ Golden Queen, after betraying Kaos
Are telling you failed?! Dr. Krankcase?!
~ Golden Queen, angry
What are you waiting for? Both of you! Retrieve Kaos at once. I want that cheese!
~ Golden Queen, ordering Wolfgang and Dr. Krankcase
Attention, all Skylands! It is I, your magnificent queen. I would like to take this opportunity to present the three golden rules that I now expect all of you to follow. Rule number one: All Skylanders must surrender to me, immediately, and release my fellow Doom Raiders. Rule number two: All gold in Skylands must be delivered to me as fitting tribute. Rule number three: I reserve the royal right to make up an infinite number of more rules! Just in case, let me show you what will happen if you break any of my rules.
~ Golden Queen's speech
How dare you destroy my walls! And you've turned my chompy worm pets into worthless butterflies! Well, two can play at that game! You should thank me. At least I have made you much more valuable!
~ Golden Queen, turning Cali into gold
Didn't I warn you, Skylander? Didn't I warn you to stay away from my sacred temple? No? Well, I have been very busy lately. It was definitely on my to do list. Anyway, I suppose you're here to save your friend? But she is no longer your friend. She has become something much more precious to me. And I have no intention of giving her back!
~ Golden Queen at Stadium
How dare they attack me! I've tried to be fair about this. Was it too much to ask for all Skylands to follow a few simple rules?! Glumshanks!
~ Golden Queen, angrily asking Glumshanks
Well, if the Skylanders are trying to test my metal, it's time for them to taste my twenty four karat fury! Glumshanks, move the ultimate weapon to target the Skylander academy!
~ Golden Queen, ordering Glumshanks to target the academy
Welcome, Skylander. Such a pleasure to meet you again. For the last time! You're going to make an even more precious golden trophy than your little friend did!
~ Golden Queen, facing a Skylander
I'd say you've finally met your match, Skylander. But, of course, I am so much more than that!
~ Golden Queen, before growing big
Wait. I never got to make more demands. Here's one! Woah! What?! How dare you put me in here! Although, I guess now that I think about it, it's kind of a taste of my own medicine. Me? Working on the side of good? I'd say strange things have happen, but I'm not sure they have.
~ Golden Queen trapped



  • Her ability to turn things into gold is similar to King Midas and the Golden touch.
  • She is included in the Starter Pack for Skylanders: Imaginators.

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