The Golden Hind is a creature in Hercules: The Legendary Journeys. It is a golden creature that's half woman, half deer.

Highly sought after for their solid gold hooves and horns, the Golden Hinds were hunted to near extinction by mortals. They had the ability to transform into human form but transformed back into Hind form when touched by mortals although Gods and demi-gods could touch them in human form and they would not transform.History The Golden Hinds were apparently immortal (but not invulnerable), had the ability to heal others, and had some form of empathic ability. They spent their lives in herds of close family (sisters) watching over the forest and its inhabitants.The Blood of a Golden Hind could kill a god. Golden Hinds were one of the rarest of creatures on earth and sacred to the goddess Artemis

Unfortunately, the gentle nature of the Hinds made them targets for hunters.