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The Golden Eagle Twins are villains in the animated TV series El Tigre. They are a teen supervillain group. Carla and Carlito try to appear to be clean cut and respectable; however, they are actually mean and mischievous. They were new villains. It is implied by other people and even the villains they come in contact with that they really do put a walloping on the bad guys before they realize they could abuse their fame. Their powers are energy based, and oddly enough, the only eagle-themed ability they possess is their flight. When they join together they have the power to summon a very powerful, energy, orb-like attack that can't be stopped as long as they are joined together. Eventually, El Tigre is unable to join Carla and Carlito because in the end he realizes they are more hypocrites, evil and dangerous than heroic. Frida continuously calls their Zeppelin "a blimp" to infuriate the twins.

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