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Golden is one of the main characters from Armed Police Batrider.

Golden was a playboy who had the innate ability to read women's minds. Through his life he used his power for his own gain, having married over 200 times and amassed a great fortune, using his ability to convince women to share their riches with him. He was finally taken under arrest, and in exchange for a reduced sentence he agreed to join the government's Psychic Weapon program, where he is experimented on and trained, eventually forming the Psychic Team of Zero-Cops, along with Maria and Strawman.

On their team ending, it is revealed the trio had bombs implanted on their brains. When their boss call them for another mission, Golden shows he had removed the bombs, throwing them at the boss. On his individual ending Golden is shown trying to get a girlfriend fairly, though they all get scared of him because of something he has on his eyes.

Golden later appears as a secret character in Dimahoo.