Gold Mask was the first of the five original Black Cross Army Masked Monsters in the 1970's Japanese Super Sentai pilot series, Himitsu Sentai Goranger (translates as "Secret Task Force Five Rangers") and the very first baddie in the show.


During the initial attack of the Black Cross Army against the Japanese EAGLE bases, Gold Mask attacked the Kanto branch, killing everyone, including the older brother of Tsuyoshi Kaijo (later Aka (Red) Ranger), who became the only survivor of the attack.

He and a group of Zolders hijacked a school bus full of kindergarteners and sealed them inside a warehouse, in an attempt to kill them by blowing up said warehouse. The Gorangers were dispatched by their commander to rescue the children. Operating from the Variblune VTOL flying-fortress, Akira Shinmei (Ao (Blue) Ranger) and Daita Oiwa (Ki (Yellow) Ranger) blew a hole in the warehouse roof and lifted the bus out, moments before the warehouse blew up.

When Tsuyoshi attempted to follow the Black Crusaders (for both the children and his older brother, who was the vice-controller of Kanto EAGLE), Gold Mask attempted to kill him, twice. First by throwing explosives from the back of his truck at Tsuyoshi's Red Machine motorcycle, and then by throwing his scythe at him. He was stopped from killing Tsuyoshi by the appearance of the rest of the Gorangers appearing around him and his Zolders.

A battle ensued, during which the Zolders were beaten pretty badly. After being stunned by Momo (Pink) Ranger's Mirror, Gold Mask attempted to run away, but the Gorangers killed him with their Goranger Storm, an exploding football passed from Pink to Mido (Green), Yellow, Blue and Red, before striking Gold Mask on the head, causing him to fall over and explode.

Weapons and Arsenal

Gold Mask wears a gold mask with a red evil smile face on it, along with a black cape and a gold body suit. His main weapon is a scythe, which he can toss like a boomerang to attack his enemies (or throw like a javelin, which he did in an attempt to kill Tsyoshi).


  • Gold Mask has the distinct honor of being the very first monster to appear in the Super Sentai franchise.