Gold Glasses is one of the villains in the novel The Bourne Identity. He also appears in the 1988 TV movie of same name, where he is portrayed by Wolf Kahler.


An unnamed assassin working for Carlos, he attacks Jason Bourne at the Swiss bank. He and several fellow assassins pursue Bourne for the first half of the novel, eventually capturing him. Bourne attempts to bargain for his life but the bespectacled killer refuses, explaining that if he took the money he wouldn't live long enough to spend it. He also breaks Bourne's fingers. He and another assassin then load Bourne into their car, but during the drive, Bourne gains the upper hand against his captors. He kills the glasses-wearing assassin's partner and holds a gun to his head, telling him to stop the car. When he refuses, Bourne shoots and kills him.


TV movie

Gold glasses2

Gold Glasses shoots at Bourne.

He appears as one of the principal antagonists in the three-hour 1988 television movie based off of the novel. He is still unnamed, but he is listed in the credits as "Gold Glasses." His depiction differs slightly in that he is shown to be less professional and much more emotionless and coldblooded, heedlessly gunning down innocent bystanders and even one of his own fellow assassins to get to Bourne.

He and Carlos' other assassins work directly for Fritz Koenig, and pose as bank employees. Gold Glasses himself poses as the receptionist at the front desk. After Bourne's meeting with Koenig, Koenig phones ahead to Gold Glasses in the lobby, who tries and fails to kill Bourne with a silenced Walther PPK. Gold Glasses and Johann hunt for Bourne through the rest of the movie's first half. He eventually dies in much the same manner as in the book, shot in his car during a struggle with Bourne.

Theatrical movie

Gold Glasses himself does not appear, although a character similar to him called "The Professor" does.


  • Wolf Kahler, who played Gold Glasses in the 1988 film, also played Colonel Dietrich in Raiders of the Lost Ark. His partner, Johann, is portrayed by Terry Richards, who also played the Arab swordsman in Raiders of the Lost Ark.