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Gold silver
Gold & Silver are a pair of assassins who appeared in Golgo 13: The Professional. In the year 1970, the duo were part of a 40-man operation in Central America (Africa in the English dub) to survive the term of 80 days against 2000 guerrillas and wildlife. While 38 of the hitmen died, Gold & Silver survived and killed every last guerrilla. When they returned to America, they committed grisly murders and by the time Leonard Dawson saw them as his hope of killing Golgo 13, Gold & Silver were to be executed. FBI chief Garvin released them and brought them to Dawson. The duo spotted different features, on Gold's face was a golden false eye, on Silver's face was a mask. When the two fought Golgo 13, they were nearly invincible but the legendary assassin defeated Gold by shooting him to death, then Silver by breaking his mask and exposing his third degree face burns before Golgo decapitated the mercenary with a grenade.

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