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I shall vanquish it!
~ Golan accepting Keith's challenge to ride The Beast.
Golan the Insatiable, or simply just Golan, is the titular protagonist of the animated black comedy series of the same name, which comes from a block on FOX titled Animation Domination High-Def. Golan himself was formerly a warlord from the dimension of Gkruool who has become banished to the planet Earth, resulting in him living in a home owned by a family called the Beeklers, who has two daughters, one of which is a goth kid named Dylan, who became Golan's evil partner. While Dylan highly praises Golan, Alexis has nothing but contempt for both him and Dylan.

He is the main character of the show, but however he is not a good example of a "heroic" protagonist who done many horrible things, such as kidnapping a mother while thinking she was the Tooth Fairy (who Golan developed feelings for), beating up Alexis' boyfriend Keith, and ripping the arms off of a waiter and shortly beating up Keith again but by wielding the waiter's arms. Golan is exceptionally strong, able to bust into walls without feeling pain, able to tear a door apart, and able to lift up cars and trees with his hands


Golan is selfish, uncaring, and very brutal. He doesn't care too much about the chaos he commits and the Beekler family (except for Dylan), but he really hates Alexis' boyfriend Keith.


Golan is a tall and obese demon with large horns, red eyes and sharp teeth. Ever since he was banished, all he wears are wristbands with spikes and black underpants. On both of his hands and both of his feet, he has small claws.

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