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"Oh, chosen one... Accept this final challenge..." ~The Gods.

Gohdan, The Great Arbiter, is the third in The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. It is a giant robot created by the gods to test the chosen hero for his readiness to accept the Master Sword. It is technically not evil or your enemy, but serves as a boss to guard the Master Sword.

The Great Arbiter

The Tower of the Gods was created in order to test the courage of one who would seek the Master Sword. After triumphed over the trials of the tower and climbed to the top, the gods spoke to him and asked him to accept one final ordeal, namely battling Gohdan. Because of this sacred role of the statue, it is given the title of The Great Arbiter. Anyone who defeated Gohdan would be deemed worthy of wielding the powerful Master Sword.

Similarly, the boss itself is not meant to be destroyed, and when beaten it will simply retreat to its original position embedded in the chamber wall and become inanimate once again, to wait for another challenger. Once Link had reached this stage, the gods congratulated him and allowed him access to the rooftop from whence he could travel to Old Hyrule and claim the blade of evil's bane.


Whether the boss has been imbued with artificial intelligence or whether it is controlled directly by the gods is unclear, but it attacks with surprising dexterity and agility despite its solid and unwieldy appearance. Gohdan attacks firstly with its hands, trying to sweep the challenger into the electrified gutter surrounding the arena. If Link falls into this trench he is shocked repeatedly and can struggle to clamber back onto the ledge of the combat zone. The Great Arbiter's hands also possess potent crushing attacks, attempting to either squash Link between them or smash him into the ground.

Link retaliates by firing two arrows into each hand's gleaming eye, briefly paralyzing them. This follows the trend of using the item obtained in a certain dungeon to defeat that dungeon's boss. After doing this, Link would face the head itself (although failing to attack it quickly can result in a revival of the hands). Link has to shoot two arrows into each eye of the statue to cause it to fall, briefly lifeless, to the ground. Link throws a bomb into its gaping mouth to remove a third of its health. This is repeated twice more before the statue is finally defeated. Though, it is noted, that many people have trouble with this.

Gohdan also has a rapid-fire fireball attack. When utilizing this skill, it will close its eyes, making it invulnerable, then tilt forwards, open its mouth, and launch a fearsome volley of blasts at Link, turning to follow him around the room if necessary. However, if Link manages to get under Gohdan, the attack will be canceled.


  • Although it cannot be confirmed, it seems likely that Link is Gohdan's first and only challenger.
  • Gohdan bears similarity to numerous bosses found in and out of the Zelda series, both in shape and weaknesses. These bosses include Andross from the Star Fox series, Eyerok from Super Mario 64, Bongo Bongo from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.
  • Gohdan is the only boss in The Wind Waker that is not evil, and thus he does not explode upon his defeat. This boss simply returns to the wall it was embedded in at the beginning of the battle.
  • Gohdan's fire-spitting sound is a rather famous stock sound effect that is heard in many films, TV programs, and other games (most famous of which is probably the Doom II end boss).
  • Each time Gohdan is knocked down, his hands will recover faster than before.
  • Strangely, even after Gohdan is defeated, if you aim your at the eyes on his hands or on his nose, the yellow boomerang lock on will display.
  • Gohdan is an anagram for God Hand.

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