My name is Gogandantess! The greatest swordsman of all the demons!
~ Gogandantess

Gogandantess is a major villain and boss in Onimusha 2: Samurai's Destiny. He is a Genma demon swordsman and self-proclaimed "Greatest Swordsman of all the Demons".

Unlike other Genma demons, he has a strong sense of honor, and shows all his opponants, including humans, great respect. He is also close friends with fellow Genma swordsman Gargant. He fights the protagonist, Jubei Yagyu, three times. With Jubei defeating him on the third time.


Gogandantess firsts meets Jubei at Gifu Castle. Jubei's first impression of Gogandantess is that he is very arrogant and overconfident of his ability. When Jubei first fights Gogandantess, Jubei relizes that Gogandantess is very good and he can't defeat him. He retreats.

Later, Jubei meets Gogandantess again, and another fight ensues. Jubei again relizing that Gogandantess is too powerful, gives up. Jubei's friend, Oyu, comes to rescue him, but she is easily defeated by the demon swordsman. Gogandantess is then leaves. Oyu is then confronted by the spirit of Jubei's mother. She tells her that with a Sacred Flute, Jubei can defeat Gogandantess. Oyu then retrieves the Sacred Flute for Jubei.

Later on, Oyu is rescued by Gogandantess. Jubei thanks him and challenges him to battle. When Jubei plays the Sacred Flute, Gogandantess is severely weakened, and unable to block effectively. After Jubei defeats him, Gogandantess congratulates Jubei and dies.

Onimusha: Blade Warriors

Gogandantess returns as a playable character in Onimusha: Blade Warriors.