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Goenitz is the main villain from The King of Fighters' 96.


Goenitz was the leader of the Hakkeshu group, knowing of his duty since he was a child. Because of this, he decided to become a priest. He soon started his plans to awaken Orochi, searching for the other Hakkeshu to help him. While looking for a suitable host for Orochi, he meets the crime lord Rugal Bernstein and fights him. He defeats Rugal and takes out his right-eye, granting him a portion of the Orochi power. He then commands Vice and Mature to watch over Rugal, becoming his secretaries and helping him host the King of Fighters tournament. Goenitz then goes after Gaidel, who was a Hakkeshu as well, but is disgusted to learn that Gaidel was leaving a peaceful life and had no interest on helping him. As a form of vengeance, Goenitz makes Gaidel's daughter enter in Riot of Blood, going completely berserk and killing Gaidel and the entire village he lived in. Goenitz then brainwashes her and leaves the place to continue his plan. Knowing that the seal of Orochi wouldn't break easily, he decides to look for the heirs of the clans that imprisoned Orochi. He finds the Yata household and kill their heir, Maki Kagura. Her sister, Chizuru Kagura, learns of Goenitz plans and decides to host the King of Fighters tournament, in hopes of convincing Kyo Kusanagi and Iori Yagami on helping her defeat Goenitz. Goenitz leaves Vice and Mature watching over Iori, while he goes after Kyo personally, wanting to test how might he was. He defeats Kyo easily, and disgusted decides to play Chizuru's game to see how far will she go. Chizuru meets with the winning team, and just them Goenitz decides to interfere, blowing everything away with his wind powers. Kyo and Iori call a truce on their rivalry and team up with Chizuru to fight Goenitz. With their combined powers, they defeat Goenitz, who vanishes in a gust of wind. He isn't seen again, so he was presumed to be dead.


Goenitz is a very calm and collected person, posing just like a messiah who wants to save people, but will do anything to reach his goals, even killing without hesitation.

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