Godfrey the Ghost is the antagonist of the Letter People episode "Meet Mister G." He is a ghost who has stolen the good green grapes from Gordon the Grocer's grocery store and keeps them in his green garage. He favors things that have the "G" sound (or the same sound that starts "gooey gum"). When Mister G, Miss U, Mister M, and Gordon arrive, they ask for the grapes, but he refuses (except for letting them have one each), even if Gordon offers his granny as a guest, a guitar, and a pie, but Miss U decides to play the Catching Game with him. So, the three letter people get into a certain clue box to form the word "gum," which Mister G has had, and upon Godfrey's request, they say the word again, and then in exchange for a goldfish (as he'd always wanted a pet to look after), Godfrey gives back the grapes. He then names his goldfish Gwendolyn, and Mister G invites him to a picnic.