Godcat is the creator goddess of all cats and the main antagonist in Epic Battle Fantasy 4 and is later revealed to the true villain behind Epic Battle Fantasy 3. She consists of two beings: one holy and one dark, who seem to be two aspects of the single Godcat entity. The Light Godcat is the aspect of creation, akin to God, the Dark Godcat is the vengeful, punishing, and malevolent aspect of Destruction, akin to Satan. Both of them are out to destroy humanity, however. In a spoken line during the final battle, Godcat mentions that "Akron was her final gift to humanity", Akron was the main villain of Epic Battle Fantasy 3.

Godcat's appearance is similar to Nolegs', but with both arms and legs, and gaping holes instead of eyes. The Destruction Godcat has a black body with a red aura and eyes, while the Creation Godcat has a white body with a blue aura and eyes.

Godcat could have destroyed the party at any time, but instead chooses to toy with them. The resistance they oppose shows her that humans have become more worthy of the world than cats, therefore she leaves the planet.


  • Godcat's cat forms have no death script, so if one of them were to be killed, the game would freeze, as shown in this video using hacks.
  • Like Akron, the final Godcat battle has its own theme called Fallen Blood.
  • During the battle against her, Godcat states that she created Akron, apparently to be her harbinger of destruction.
  • Giga Drill will do over 50000 damage to the creator in some cases.
  • Each Godcat has 0% of chance to drop Lance of Creation and Sword of Destruction.


Theme Music

Fallen Blood

Fallen Blood