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When I was just a boy an assassin killed my father. I wasn't particularly torn up about it however seen the way his killer moves so swift so sure it did give me something to think about. I said to myself what beautiful skill. I was captivated in that moment I knew Assassination is a high art.
~ God of Death

God of Death was the final antagonist of the Assassination Classroom series. He was the disciple of Koro-Sensei. In the anime, he was voiced by Nobumaga Shimazaki and Ian Sinclair in the English dub.


After he saw his father being killed, he admired the assassination and decided to become an assassin, he was trained by an unknown assassin for several years, when the training was complete, he betrayed the latter during an assassination mission because he always considered him only as tool.

After that event he became the world's best assassin and was tasked with the mission of killing Koro-Sensei and his students, however he was defeated by Karasuma.

After that, he was found by Shiro, which revealed him the true identity of Koro-Sensei and asked him to join with him for the fulfilment of his final plan. The assassin accepted, Shiro then transformed him into a tentacle monster for the final battle against Korosensei.

During the final battle he overpowered the latter and nearly killed Kaede Kayano, causing Korosensei to release an energy beam towards him, which destroyed half of his body and allowed the former teacher to finish him with a stab to the chest.


While disguised, he has a short grey hair and normally wears his hat. In reality withouth his mask, he has a skinless red skull face. Later after Shiro injected him with a stronger version of the Antimatter tentacles, he obtained a more monstrous appearance while still retaining his skull face and his desire to kill his mentor.


When he was a kid, he was lonely and very obedient towards his master, however he slowly started to hate him because he was not caring or considering him at all, leading him to become an arrogant, egoistical and sadistic assassin, that was acting as a gentle and caring person in public.