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The God Warriors of Drbal was the warriors that were the enemies of Seiya and the other saints in the second movie.


Loki was a good warrior with the power of silver saints, and equal of the Seiya's power. He was thepurest Drbal servants. Loki thought he did a scheme to invade Athena kingdom, with no Drbal consent. He fought with Seiya. His powers, are the Odin Tempest (he owns his hands over his head, and like a hammer, bring down and punches the enemy with these two united hands in the air or on the floor) and Shūgeki Gunrō Ken (despairs bursts of energy in wolf forms, and is conducted inside them).


Possess Surtr, the sword can cut's anything. Defeats Shun, but Ikki kill him.


Midgard was truly Hyoga brainwashed, but, how have not ruled to foreign became a God Warrior, Hyoga was an official God Warrior.


Rung was the user of Mjonir Boomerang, and the biggest of them. Was defeated by Ikki, but he could take Ikki down with Shun before he died falling together.

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