Dragons worship no Gods and bow to no Kings. Everything will fall before the might of my magic
~ God Serena activating his Dragon Slayer Magic.

God Serena is a villain in Fairy Tail. He is a member of the Spriggan 12 and was the strongest of the Four Gods of Ishgar.

He appears during the meeting of the Spriggan 12. Along with August and Jacob he destroys Bosco and is short after confronted by the other Gods of Ishgar and Jura.

After a fight he defeats the Gods of Ishgar and Jura intending to invade the Fairy Tail guild, but before he can Acnologia appears in front of him and his two teammates and kills him leaving the place.

During the meeting Neinhart creates a Historia of God Serena to protect the creator. God Serena's Historia is the first one to confront the Fairy Tail members almost overwhelming them, but is defeated by Gildarts. After Neinhart's defeat his Historia dissolves as well.