God (The Simpsons)


Oh God, I am too old and too rich for this.
~ God giving up on chasing down Homer.

God is the Almighty Ruler of the Universe and a character in The Simpsons TV series. While not antagonistic in the series, he acted as the final boss in The Simpsons Game.

He was voiced by Harry Shearer.

Villainous Acts

The Simpsons Game

God serves as the final boss to The Simpsons. He uses previous enemies encountered as icons in a "Guitar Hero"/"Dance Dance Revolution" match, while the chosen song ("Rock you Like a Hurricane", by the Scorpions) plays. As the whole family, you have to make them hit the notes in a correct time to break the game stations and defeat the minions he sends. They will change when the station is broken. Each station is a parody of a popular video game console (i.e.: Praystation is a parody of PlayStation and the Hii is a parody of the Wii).

Treehouse of Horror XIV

When Homer was made the new Grim Reaper, he was forced to kill his wife, Marge. As he offered her body to God, he asked him to remove his powers. After turning Homer back to his former self, he then realized Homer tricked him, and the body he offered was Marge's sister, Patty Bouvier. Homer escapes on a motorcycle, being chased by God's beam of light. Homer passed a railroad, right before the train went by. But God's light beam couldn't cross the moving train, so he gave up.

Treehouse of Horror XXII

After Homer tries to burn Bible, the Simpsons' roof is torn off, the real God chokes Homer to death and blames Ned Flanders for doing it. Marge comes in and asks if God can fix everything, but God says the Devil wouldn't like it. The Devil appears with Maude, and it is shown that God is under the Devil's power when the Devil asks for a coffee.



  • In most of God's appearances in the various Simpsons media, his face is covered up (presumably deliberately). However, there were two instances where his face was fully seen; in the frame Ned Flanders turns around in Alone Again, Natura-Diddily, and in the opening of Treehouse of Horror XVI
  • Unlike everyone else in the Simpsons universe, God has five fingers and toes instead of four on each hand and foot.


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