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God (or at least a being claiming to be so) appeared in the short story "The Granton Star Cause" as well as the movie Acid House (which was based on the story).

God appears as a foul-mouthed Scotsman with a cynical outlook on life and a vindictive personality at odds with what most are accustomed to when dealing with the divine and became an antagonist of sorts to Boab, who he punished via transforming into a common fly (supposedly for "wasting his life").

God described himself as largely apathetic, sullen and spiteful but it is also hinted that Boab is partly responsible for this as God has taken this vindictive and offensive form due to it being what Boab envisions him as being.

The story was part of Irvine Welsh's decidely dark storytelling (which was made famous with Trainspotting) and this depiction of a merciless and profane God was (and remains) controversial - though it can be argued that despite the antagonistic nature of the character upon closer inspection their are hints at the deity being much more than what he appears at first..

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