The Goblins in Labyrinth.

The Goblins are a fictional hybrid race that act as the secondary antagonists of the 1986 dark-fantasy film "Labyrinth" and they are the minions of Jareth who is also their king, implied to be their creator as according to the mythos of the story. Goblins are created via trapped children in the magical world Jareth inhabits for a certain amount of time.

The aim of the film's protagonist, the human teenager Sarah Williams, is to save her baby half-brother Toby from such a fate and Jareth threatens to transform him into a Goblin while also unleashed various traps with the massive Labyrinth to foil the heroine on her jounery towards the Goblins' homeland known as Goblin City at the center of the Labyrinth. And when these traps begin to fail Jareth also has his Goblin minions along with his militant "police" try and slow down her progress.

Due to the Goblins being a hybrid race, they exhibit a wide array of appearances but tend to be small and ugly humanoids with a mischievious, anarchic sense of play - at the same time they are fearful of Jareth and will do as he says without question.


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