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Goblins are an enemy creature found in Dwarf Fortress.
Goblins are intelligent, mean-spirited humanoid creatures that live in mountains. They often establish settlements in Dark Fortresses within regions touched by evil, though it may be hard for some to imagine that goblins are capable of building those obsidian monoliths. They are not playable as adventurers without modding. They are a constant threat to any fortress.
Goblins will start harassing a fortress early in its life, first with babysnatchers and ambushes, and later with sieges. Goblin babysnatchers carry a bag for their purpose. Their soldiers are commonly armed with copper and iron armor and weapons. Defeating a majority of an attacking force usually sends the rest of them running.
In Adventurer mode, "goblin" settlements will sometimes be completely goblin free, having been displaced by the descendants of children that were captured in ages past.

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