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The Goblin Army is a military organization that protects the Goblin City and its citizens as well as serves Jareth the Goblin King, and an antagonistic organization. It is the most prominent organization amongst the goblins where many of them find their employment.

The Goblin Army served Jareth loyally and without question. They defend his kingdom and act as the land's police to all of it's Goblin inhabitants and enforce the will of their king as his word was law. Regrettably, the Goblin Army is famous for its general incompetence, and its inability to protect The Goblin City from any threats that present themselves. Dozens of soldiers were deployed to prevent Sarah Williams and her companions reaching Jareth's Castle, yet were unable to keep her from her objective.

In terms of tactics, the army tends to attempt to overwhelm the threat at hands by deploying large numbers of soldiers to face the enemy head on. There appears to be little coordination in the tactics used by the diffirent divisions of the army, with each demonstrating unique fighting styles.

The Goblin Army answers directly to Jareth, reporting to him on how they fare in battle. Generals from the army often seeks Jareth's guidance when in the heat of battles, requesting his assistance.