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Gobblin is Mesmerelda's minion that she rides atop. He first appeared in Ms. Pac-Man: Maze Madness.

Gobblin first appears alongside Mesmerelda as she steals the Gems of Virtue from Ms. Pac-Man. He is then ordered to attack her, following close behind Ms. Pac-Man while Mesmerelda flies in the air, attacking with fire. Ms. Pac-Man is able to escape from Gobblin, forcing the creature to flee with Mesmerelda. When Ms. Pac-Man discovers all of the Witch Keys, she returns to Mesmerelda's haunted castle, where Gobblin once again attacks in the same manner as he did the first time. After Mesmerelda is defeated, it is unknown what happens to Gobblin, though he was likely restored to whatever he was before Mesmerelda found him.

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