Initial D Fifth Stage - 01 - Large 45

Go Hojo is the main antagonist from Initial D Fifth Stage.


Go Hojo drives a Formula Red Racing Tuned Honda NSX, he's using other teams to defeat Project D and using a stopwatch to find their weakness. He is also the leader of Team Sidewider along with Eiji Kubo, Shinji Inui and Rin Hojo (his older brother).


Go Hojo is the Chief Driver of this team. He seems to know Ryosuke Takahashi quite well, despite not having any past connections or quarrels with Ryosuke. Instead, he knows him through his elder brother, Rin, alluding to a girl named Kaori.

Go helps the chief mechanic of Sidewinder named Eiji Kubo to evaluate Project D's weaknesses. He loses the race after spinning out while chasing Keisuke due to wearing out his rear tires.