The Go-Rock Quads (Japanese: ゴーゴー4兄弟 Four GoGo Siblings) are recurring characters in Pokémon Ranger. They are a musical quartet and the admins of the Go-Rock Squad. Together, they are the children of Gordor, the leader of the Go-Rock Squad. In their first appearance, they were villains, but after the team's disbandment, they travel the world playing their music. 


Tiffany (Japanese: ミライ Mirai) is the only female sibling. Her favorite activity is shopping in Fall City where she makes her brothers or the grunts of the Go-Rock Squad carry her purchases. She was put in charge of searching for the legendary Pokémon in the Krokka Tunnel, so she blocked the entrance with rocks, making Aria and the player arrive to clear the rocks. Aria soon left and the player had to beat all the grunts while clearing the rockfalls and then had to face off against Tiffany, who summoned one Camerupt with a violin Styler to try to beat the player. Then Spenser arrived and Tiffany fled. The second time the player encounters her she is in the Go-Rock Squad's main base and battles the player again, still with her favorite Pokémon, two Camerupt.

Clyde Clyde (Japanese: ヨウジ Yōji) is a very "cool" person that likes to "stay with the trends" and is always hip and popular. Despite this, he oftentimes comes across as very lazy. He is put in charge of guarding the Jungle Relic while Gordor captures Entei. When the player meets him, he has just defeated Aria and battles the player with a Slaking, summoned by playing his instrument, a drum that appears to be of the 'ashiko' variety. When the player defeats him, he lets the player battle Gordor. The second time the player faces him, in the Go-Rock Squad main base, he has a SlakothVigoroth and Slaking.


Garret (Japanese: ユウキ Yūki) is a smooth, polite person that can "put people down with the simplest of words". He is left to watch over the Dusk Factory in the seventh numbered mission of the game while it creates the new Power Stylers. When the player meets him he uses a Scizor (summoned by a bass guitar) to try to defeat the player but to no avail. When the player meets him in the Go-Rock Base his Scizor is joined by two Scyther.


Billy (Japanese: ヤライ Yarai) is the eldest and assumed leader of the four. He is clever and comes up with all of their plans. He is not faced until his siblings have been defeated a second time in the Go-Rock Squad Base and when that happens he gets very angry and attacks with more ferocity than all of the others. Billy uses a Larvitar,Pupitar and Tyranitar that he summons with an electric guitar.

After Billy is defeated, the Go-Rock Quads leave the Go-Rock Squad in shame and concentrate on their musical act. They do one last performance under the Joy Clock Tower before leaving Fiore to bring their music to distant lands.

The Go-Rock Quads also appeared in Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia as performers for Altru's seventieth anniversary. They are first seen rehearsing at Altru Park but are disrupted by Blake Hall at one time. Clyde storms out of the park first to think of a new song to replace the horrible song Dream Energy by Blake Hall. He goes to Brook's grandmother and hears a folktale. He then comes up with the song The Song of Vatonage and returns to the group at the park. They reappear there once Team Dim Sun takes over Altru Tower and make their final appearance performing outside the tower during the last scenes of the game.

They reappear once again in Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs, where they are the subject of a Quest. The player must track down Billy, Garret and Clyde and return them to Tiffany. Once reunited, the siblings perform a concert, with Ukulele Pichu as a special guest.

In the manga

In the W Mission Story: Pokémon Ranger - the Comic manga

The Siblings in W Mission Story: Pokémon Ranger - the Comic

The four Go-Rock Quads appear as the main antagonists in this adaptation.

The first of the Quads to appear is Clyde, who reports to Garret that two Rank 10 Rangers have exited the Ring Town Ranger Base. After getting the information, Garret informs Clyde that he sent Tiffany to intercept them at Krokka Tunnel. Later, after Lunick and Solana battle Deoxys, Tiffany taunts them, revealing that she was the girl that had dumped Lunick the night before.

Garret arrives next and reveals that it was him who had defeated the Ranger Leaders, Spenser, Joel, and Elita by provoking Deoxys into attacking them. Clyde is the next to arrive and reveals that he had defeated Cameron, the last Ranger Leader, and throws his unconscious body at Solana and Lunick. Lastly, Billy arrives with a Manaphy Pokémon Egg, which was stolen from Cameron. All four play their instruments and introduce themselves as the Go-Rock Quads, the leaders of the Go-Rock Squad.

When Lunick demands to know what they want to do with the Egg, Clyde and Garret tells them that they intend to hatch it, but Billy interrupts them before they can reveal any more information. Tiffany is sent to the Go-Rock Squad Base alone with the Egg, leaving the rest to deal with Lunick and Solana. The two Rank 10 Rangers break free from Deoxys's control and Solana goes after Tiffany, leaving Lunick alone to face Billy, Clyde, and Garret.

Lunick attempts to use various Poké Assists to try and stop Deoxys, only for the Quads to have it change form to break free from each one. Billy sends a Tyranitar to send Lunick flying and steps on his Capture Disc, crushing it to pieces. As Tiffany makes her way to the Quads' base, she is ambushed by Solana who intends to take the Manaphy Egg back from her. As they battle, Tiffany reveals that her and her siblings instruments are actually the Super Styler, an upgraded Capture Styler whose designs were stolen from Professor Hastings.

Overhearing Tiffany mention a Sea Crown, the Ranger Leaders that were defeated by Deoxys realize the Quads objective. Elita realizes that the Quads aim to hatch the Manaphy Egg and use it to find the Sea Temple, Samiya, to obtain the Sea Crown and rule the world with it.

As the battle with Lunick continues, he realizes that three brothers can each use their instruments to control three of Deoxys's four forms. Clyde, with his drums, controls the Attack Forme; Garret, with his bass guitar, controls the Defense Forme; and Billy, with his electric guitar, controls the Speed Forme. Lunick is furious at the three for manipulating Deoxys, but Garret sends a Scyther to hold him into the air.

Before dropping Lunick, the Quads decide to capture his Minun as a last attempt to torture him. As Solana continues battling Tiffany, she receives an e-mail from Joel, who has figured out the secret to defeating Deoxys. While Tiffany tries to attack, Solana uses Ground-type,Rock-type, Ghost-type, Poison-type, and Dark-type Poké Assists to relay a secret mission to Lunick. Knowing how to free Deoxys now, Lunick breaks free from Scyther's grip and uses Minun to soften their fall. Lunick then has Minun break the Super Stylers Capture Lines, turning Deoxys back into its Normal Forme and allowing Lunick to capture it.

After Deoxys is freed, Solana has her Plusle break Tiffany's violin and retrieves the stolen Manaphy Egg from her. Lunick reveals to the Quads that when he was held by Scyther, Solana sent him the message "Normal", which gave Lunick the idea to force Deoxys back into its Normal Forme, allowing him to capture and free it. Defeated, the Quads make their escape, but not before swearing revenge on Lunick and Solana.