KRKu-Go-Jaraji-Da human

Go-Jaraji-Da (Human Form)


Go-Jaraji-Da/Porcupine Gurongi

Go-Jaraji-Da otherwise known as Unidentified Life Form #42 to the police, is a rather nasty existance of a Gurongi tribesman. Armed with needles, Jaraji assumed the form of youth in black who enjoys human suffering and snaps his fingers when able to move at fast speeds. He supported Gamego in his game before his death.

When his turn came, Jaraji started to target 90 people by shooting his quills into them, having them die of encephalitis in four days. While going after Kazuya Ikuta, killing the police, Jaraji is interrupted by Kuuga, taking offense to it and leaving Kuuga wounded with a warning to stay out of his game.

However, because some of his victims committed suicide, Jaraji is forced to find replacements before the 12th day ends. But when he was about to kill Kazuya to finish the game, Kuuga attacks Jaraji in a berserk rage, assuming Rising Titan Form to brutally kill Jaraji with a rage-fueled Rising Titan Calamity.

Kamen Rider Decade

A porcupine Gurongi he was part of Dai-Shocker. Destroyed when Amazon used his Jaguar Shock on him. Later he came back to life and part of Super Shocker.