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Go-Gadoru-Ba)/Unidentified Life Form #46)/B11: Armed with various weapons similar to Kuuga, Gadoru assumes
KRKu-Go-Gadoru-Ba human

Go-Gadoru-Ba in human form.

the form of a man in militant garb. As the Go's leader, he intervenes in the fight between Zazaru and Gooma and later comes to Baruba's aid against a power-mad Gooma when Kuuga arrives to witness him putting the bat Gurongi back in his place.

With Daguva going to Tokyo soon, he and the other two remaining Go undergo the same process as Gooma to ready themselves. After his two allies were killed, Gadoru is the last of the Gurongi to play. After undergoing training to ready himself, Gadoru heads to the police department to find worthy opponents to fight as part of his game.

When confronted by Kuuga in his default Grapple Form, Gadoru, reveals his new ability to the different powers of Kuuga, Quick Form, Shooting Form, and Herculean Form, before defeating Kuuga at full-power in Shocker Form. But due to Ichijo, Gadoru's game had to be reset as the Gurongi attempts to kill Dorudo for failing his part.

Go-Gadoru-Ba true form.

After Dorudo retreats, Gadoru attempts to kill Ichijo upon being wounded by the officer's Nerve-Breaking Bullets as Yuusuke arrives to battle the Gurongi as Kuuga. Once taking their fight to the woods, Kuuga assumes Amazing Mighty Form and destroys Shocker Form Gadoru.

Kamen Rider Decade: All Riders vs. Dai-Shocker

Go-Gadoru-Ba he's part of Dai-Shocker army.

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