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Gnome is the main antagonist of the Powerpuff Girls episode "See Me, Feel Me, Gnomey," He is so far the most powerful villain in the series.

In the episode, he offers the Girls world peace, after they couldn't defeat the other villains. However, they would have to give him their powers. He then turns Townsville into a cult and leads the town astray. However, Professor Utonium convinces the girls to stop him and he falls out of his giant rose flower. As he falls, he realizes that he had become the evil he sought to destroy and thus cannot exist in his utopia, saying the only unsung lines. He thus destroys himself, all his power coming undone.

Girls listening to gnome

The Gnome performing in front of the girls


  • The Gnome is probably the most powerful enemy the girls have ever faced, as he had the power of eliminating all other villains (including both the Powerpuff Girls' archnemesis Mojo Jojo and the series' recurring powerful villain HIM) simultaneously. Still, all the villains are revived after he is presumably deceased.
  • He was originally intended to be voiced by Jack Black, but was later portrayed by Jess Harnell (who tried to imitate Black's voice in the episode).
  • The episode in which Gnome appears in was banned and never aired in America. That was because of references to "communism vs. capitalism" and red-and-white strobing light effect (which would cause a seizure". However, the episode was not banned in Latin America and Canada, only that the flashing lights were slowed down to avoid any epilepsy.
  • The idea of an alien omnipotent being that seeks a "Utopia" but ends up making things worse is similar (and perhaps inspired by) to the Marvel villain/anti-hero known as Beyonder (prior to his retcon)

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