Gill Littlefoot unmasked

The Gnome is the eighth villain of Scooby-Doo: Mystery Incorporated.

The Gnome haunts the Royal Knight's Faire in Crystal Cove, where some people dress as pirates instead of knights as they prefer pirates.

The Gnome corners pirates and touches them, causing them to be paralyzed and glow blue. As the gang tracks him down, he is successful in capturing Shaggy. The gang is directed by Mr. E to to neighboring woods where Shaggy was captured. They find a secret latter to a set of catwalks that run all over the Faire. They lure the Gnome to the trap, but he ends up chasing them. He grabs Daphne, but she did not freeze, shocking the Gnome. They finally get the Gnome to fall into a pit.

He is revealed to be Gil Littlefoot, court Jester and husband of queen Amanda Littlefoot. He reveals that he wanted to own the Faire, and so he staged the Gnome attacks in order to frame the queen, who despised pirates, even leaving one of her earrings on a victim so as to make her more suspicious. His costume included gloves covered in a non-lethal jellyfish neurotoxin, which paralyzed the pirates just long enough to make them miss the rest of the Faire. Daphne was not frozen because she put on steel cuffs on her arms to prevent the toxin from touching her skin.

The next villains are the Humungonauts.