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The Gnarled Tree

The Gnarled Tree

The Gnarled Tree is a minor antagonist in the 1982 horror film, Poltergeist and is one of the more infamous monsters in the film as it attacked Robbie via literally smashing its branches into his room and snatching him from his bed before it started to devour him.

Much like the equally infamous Clown Doll, the Gnarled Tree was actually acting as a distraction by the other ghosts and as Robbie's parents struggled to save their son from the Gnarled Tree, the other ghosts quickly kidnapped Carol Anne and took her to the spirit realm.

The Gnarled Tree was ultimately sucked into a passing tornado and seemingly perished - though whether it was ever truly alive or not is still left largely to the imagination of the audience.



Poltergeist Evil Tree Closet Scene (HALLOWEEN SPECIAL CLIP)03:18

Poltergeist Evil Tree Closet Scene (HALLOWEEN SPECIAL CLIP)

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