Gnarl is the loyal minion of the titular antagonist from Overlord and acts both as the right-hand man and mentor to the revived dark lord, aiding him in rebuilding his tower and regaining control of his Dark Domain.
Gnarl despises peace and happiness, reviling in destruction and chaos yet he is also clever and knows that wanton destruction is not always the path to victory, after all why risk dying when others will do it for you?
Throughout the game Gnarl provides useful hints and tips for the dark lord as well as sending him on important missions to further his control over the world.

Role in Overlord

The game begins with Gnarl and a few brown minions opening the tomb in which the player is trapped in, and quickly sets to work building the Overlord up to be every bit as evil as he expected him to be. Gnarl wastes no time and gets the Overlord out onto the field quickly to make up for time lost while the seven heroes still live. Gnarl makes his loyalties quite clear: he will follow the evil overlord without question. However, towards the end of the story, a new evil overlord arrives and Gnarl makes a quick side change to work with the stronger evil, however when the player defeats the Wizard (other evil overlord), Gnarl can be heard giving the narrative assesment and epilogue of the ending of the story.

Role in Overlord II

The Overlord from the First Game has gone missing in the Abyss for some time, and the minions have set out to find a new master. They find just such an Overlord and help him send the town of Noreburg into chaos. In the process of his escape, the Overlord is frozen, but is quickly thawed by Gnarl, Quaver, and some other brown minions. Gnarl then introduces the Overlord to his new home in the Netherworld, and begins helping him take down the oppressive and magic-hating Glorious Empire.

Gnarl's Musings

When traveling through the evil lair in Overlord II, the loading screen is met with an image of Gnarl and a quick one liner on minions or philosophy.

  • "Power corrupts, absolute power . . . is a whole lot of fun!"
  • "The evil that men do is nothing compared to the evil we do."
  • "It's good to be bad, but it's better to be evil!"
  • "Seals can see into your soul. They must be wiped out!"
  • "A good leader inspires by example, but if that fails, brutal violence will do just as well."
  • "Never get between Gnarl and his deep-friend seal nuggets."
  • "Browns, reds, and greens, cannot swim. They are, however, remarkably good at drowning."
  • "Don't ask Quaver to sing you a lullaby."
  • "There's nothing noble about a dragon! It's 10 tons of flaming muscle powered by a brain the size of a gooseberry."