Gluttony is a powerful demon from the Actraiser universe and a boss in Actraiser 2 where she is leading an army of demonic ants on continual raids of Temponia city, which was now starving and fighting amongst itself in desperation.
True to her name Gluttony has no care for such things and continually lays eggs from her lair in a demonic-version of an ant's nest: where she acts much like a horribly mutated queen.
When the Master confronts her Gluttony starts by swinging from her large egg-sac, using powerful jaws to bite at him while summoning evil grubs and larvae to aid her - after a while she detatches herself from the egg-sac and reveals her scorpion-like tail, which she tries to utilize.
One defeated Gluttony's hold over Temponia is severed and people can once again begin to restore order in the city.