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Glozelle is the tertiary antagonist in Prince Caspian. He is a high-ranking Telmarine Lord under King Miraz.

He is played by Pierfrancesco Favino.


During the Narnian Revolution, Glozelle was one of the Telmarines who fought in the war against the Narnians along with his cousin and fellow Lord, Sospespian. He and Sospesian eventually betrayed Miraz and conspired their king, just like Miraz plotted the death of his brother to become king. They planned to usurp and overthrow Miraz and take over the kingdom themselves during a meeting with Miraz by talking him into accepting challenge in a fight with Peter Pevensie by using Miraz's own arrogance to encourage the idea. During Miraz's duel with Peter, Glozelle was one of the  Marshals of the Lists, along with Sopespian. Glozelle was especially turned against Miraz by an insult that Miraz made at him that morning, though he continued to pretend to be loyal until the opportunity would come to kill the arrogant king.

Atter the Telmarine's defeat by the Narnians, Glozelle was one of the Telmarines who agreed to go to an island on Earth where the Telmarine's ancestors came from.

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