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You may be tiny queen in vampire world, but to me, you're a bug
~ Glory

Glory, also known as Glorificus or The Beast was one of the main antagonists of the TV show Buffy the Vampire-Slayer, acting as the "Big Bad" of Season 5 and was the first threat that was neither vampire nor demon, instead Glory was a literal goddess from a hell-dimension who had plans to return to her dimension using a mystical Key, uncaring of the fact that in doing so she would ultimately cause all realities to cave in on themselves in an apocalyptic fashion - it was revealed that the Key was in fact a living being in the form of Dawn Summers - Buffy's "sister" (who was actually never born but was paired with Buffy in order to protect her) whom she kidnapped in the season finale to use her blood to open a portal which she suceeded in doing so before Buffy jumped in which killed her.

Despite being a female Glory was trapped in the form of a human male on Earth and had difficulty in reverting back to her goddess state for very long - she was also vulnerable to harm while human and seemed to have a different, kinder personality as well.

Powers and Abilities

Although the full scope of Glory's power is unknown, (she was significantly depowered when she was banished into human form) she is considered by many fans to be the most powerful villain Buffy had ever faced (and along with Illyria, one of the most powerful entities in either show). She possessed a tremendous amount of physical strength that dwarfed that of any slayer, vampire or demon on Earth, capable of collapsing buildings in a temper tantrum and smashing through steel walls. She was also invulnerable to most forms of physical damage - as weapons such as knives and crossbows had no effect on her in fact she fell from the sky in a ball of fire and walked away without a scratch. Only a weapon with the essence of a god and to a smaller degree magic had any sort of effect on her. Glory is also immortal, as she can only die if Ben is killed - she can't die if she is in-control of their body. Glory was also much faster than Buffy or Spike, being able to slaughter hundreds of men in a matter of seconds and completely disappearing from the scene, despite Buffy's best attempts to stop her. She also had the ability to cast powerful magic and to render people insane in order to keep herself from reverting to her human side.

Glory was ultimately defeated by Buffy after being weakened by The Dagonsphere , struck many times with Olaf's Hammer (one of the only weapons that can deal any sort of damage to a god) and being smashed by a wrecking ball. She was killed by Giles after he smothered Ben to death, as he died, so did Glory.