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Glory, also known as Glorificus or The Beast was one of the main antagonists of the TV show Buffy the Vampire-Slayer, acting as the "Big Bad" of Season 5 and was the first threat that was neither vampire nor demon, instead Glory was a literal goddess from a hell-dimension who had plans to return to her dimension using a mystical Key, uncaring of the fact that in doing so she would ultimately cause all realities to cave in on themselves in an apocalyptic fashion - it was revealed that the Key was in fact a living being in the form of Dawn Summers - Buffy's "sister" (who was actually never born but was paired with Buffy in order to protect her) whom she kidnapped in the season finale to use her blood to open a portal which she suceeded in doing so before Buffy jumped in which killed her.

Despite being a female Glory was trapped in the form of a human male on Earth and had difficulty in reverting back to her goddess state for very long - she was also vulnerable to harm while human and seemed to have a different, kinder personality as well.

Glory was by far the strongest of Buffy's opponents in sheer physical strength and was capable of smashing through walls, uplifting heavy objects with ease and killing people with her bare hands - she also had an ability to render people insane in order to keep from reverting to her human side and had them build a giant tower by which to try and channel even greater power, though she was ultimately weakened by Buffy in the final battle and killed by Giles when she reverted back into human form.

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